Login Problems

1) The user name and password are case-sensitive. If you originally signed on as, for example: "joeuser@mail.net", and you try to log on as "JoeUser@mail.net" or "JOEUSER@mail.net" you will get rejected.

2) If you still can't get in, email me a message at service@shadowplayers.com. If you joined prior to July 2003, I cannot access your old password, but I will give you a new one. Let me know what you would like to use for the new password.

3) If you are asked for a user name & password when you try to view videos even after you have logged into the site, try just clicking "OK" without entering anything
...this often works.

Inquiries and Cancellations

For general correspondence, feedback, and cancellation requests, email me at: webmaster@shadowplayers.com
For cancellations, be sure to include your user name and the original e-mail address you signed up with
. As stated it the terms and conditions, you must notify us at least 3 days before your expiration date to stop recurring billing. E-mails received on the day of or a day before re-billing may not be read in time.